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October 11, 2013
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The most important thing you can do is to keep your spirit alive. If the will to survive goes, then you've already lost. Find ways to keep morale alive. No matter how bad the situation is, don't panic. Instead ask yourself what your options are. And don't forget to celebrate EVERY victory. But don't ride on one accomplishment for too long.

Be sure to fight YOUR fight, not THEIR fight. If you fight THEIR fight, using tactics that THEY have mastered, you will lose. Instead fight YOUR fight, using tactics YOU have mastered. This would require a great understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. This may be a difficult and lengthy process, like learning to ride a bike and you're going to get hurt. But once you discover your strengths, stick to them. Also add a little variety and unpredictability to your strategy.

Operate independently or in small groups, and yet have all these groups work together. Don't get me wrong, there is strength in numbers. But concentrating too much power at the top makes things too inefficient, and has more and more people become useless. Everything would be one big unorganized mess that can't do anything. Besides, one head can be replaced or corrupted. Worst of all this would make us vulnerable. Being able to work independently gives everyone more flexibility, but not too much to the point of going rogue. That is an equal but opposite problem.

Be informed. And if not, get informed. Knowledge is power. The more you know the easier things will become when arguing with someone. That way the argument will withstand the test of logic, and it will be more likely to gain the support of people on the fence. And in addition, think out what to do in certain scenarios before hand, as in what you will do or say. Also by knowing trends and patterns, you would be more likely to make accurate predictions.

Don't focus too much on one big goal. Instead break it down into many smaller ones. It would be less of a burden on your mind and you would be more productive. And putting it all together at the end the total results could be even GREATER than what you initially hoped for. But for this to work everyone needs to carry their own weight. Even if this doesn't look like a big victory on paper, never underestimate the psychological effects.

Don't discount too many new ideas too quickly. Every new idea, no matter how good it is eventually, sounds stupid to someone at first. Do not allow yourself to fall into this trap. The only way to actually know if an idea is stupid or not is to look at the results. And even if an idea is stupid, offer a better one instead because until you do this stupid one might be the best one you have.

Don't over-complicate your statements. If possible, try short, clever, and witty phrases that will last in people's memory. And the more people who side with you that repeat them, the better. The impact of the echo will have a lasting effect.

Don't let overwhelming numbers overwhelm you. Sure, an overwhelming brute force may win every single time, at first. But are they truly prepared for the long-haul? There have got to be all sorts of logistical problems and blind spots. Numbers are not everything. They may be more numerous, but we may be smarter. Instead of surrendering, find ways to level the playing field. You may not have to defeat everyone. Instead just convince them what they're doing isn't worth it and they could stop. And don't forget that the overwhelming numbers could be an illusion.

Don't let people trick you into taking the short and easy path. Don't listen to how people say "you're taking this too seriously". If you allow yourself to think that you just become dead weight. There should be limits, but not taking this situation seriously enough is what CAUSES messes like these to be possible in the first place. If you give up, the only thing you will accomplish is leaving a heavier burden on the shoulders of everyone around you.

Don't give into excuses. Don't fall for "it's their company they can do whatever they want". They cannot do that forever without customer support. If money is the only language they speak, then we convince them that there is NOT any money in what they are doing. It worked in removing the usage restrictions from the Xbox One.

Anticipate counters to your actions. Study their responses to know what to expect so you can prepare for them. They often have tried to shut down websites and have wrongfully flagged videos so make backups. If that happens tell others to mirror the content in a viral manor, making it nearly impossible to stop it. But other tactics may be used so look out for that.

Do not waste too much time arguing with just one person. For all you know that person may be a troll, TRYING to waste your time. At first try to communicate with people who might share an interest, that would be your greatest chance. You can figure this out by what they place in their favorites and what conversations they participate in. Above all else look at their comments. Plus, do not limit your options to online ones. Having a conversation in person (if not forced) could be far easier to convince people than you may think. You might not even believe the results yourself.

Lose lips sink ships. Do not discuss too much of what the specifics of your plans are. Communicate your plans privately if doing so gives you the edge. Stick to the shadows and don't reveal too much to too many people. Communicate privately through the back channels if doing so gives you the advantage. And to further keep things secure, periodically change your password.

Do not give in to personal ambition. We are all in this together. If you're in this for personal glory alone, we all pay the price. Instead do this for the person right next to you. And then have that person do the same, and then that person, and then that person. If we keep arguing over who should take credit for what, we're NEVER going to get anything done.

Don't go off the deep end. Threats of physical violence do not get us anywhere. Besides, in this civilized day and age, we don't kill each other, we SUE each other! *lol* But keep in mind we want THEM to look like the tyrants, NOT the other way around. So be careful, as the more you look into the abyss, the more it looks back at you.

And finally, never forget this phrase "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they FIGHT you, then you win."
This is not some place to just hang out. We are here to make a difference. Either fight for what you believe in or GO HOME!
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BlueSonicGamer Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for sharing this very well written journal, it's amazing! :clap:
I love the way of how you motivate others who share the same interests as you do. :aww:
Yes, these days we need all the motivation we can get. However the strategy is still in question, but some things are starting to come into focus.
BlueSonicGamer Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As far as I understand we fight for the same things, right?
I want Sally Acorn back like she was before the Mecha-Sally saga started and I want characters like Julie-Su and Lien-Da also back.
I want the US-American side of Sonic included with Sally Acorn together everywhere in everything what has to do with Sonic and Sega.
No more crappy games, no more crappy stories.
Back to the roots!
A hybrid universe between Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground and the Sonic Archie Comics without the Japanese Sonic-Characters.
It has to be US-American! :heart::flagus::heart:
BlueSonicGamer Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright? :-?
Did I forget something important to mention in your opinion?
So what are your goals?
Maybe we can learn from each other. :-)
I agreed with everything you said except for Sonic Underground. I never really got attached to it. I guess you could fill me in on a few interesting concepts.
BlueSonicGamer Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks. :-)

Well, I must confess that I love Saturday Morning Sonic much more than Sonic Underground. ^^;
But I like Sonic Underground much  more than Sonic-X. :D

How could I fill you in on a few interesting concepts?
Could you please tell me more about what and how you meant?
How is Sonic Underground different from Sonic SatAM? (Yes I know Sonic's family is different, the robots are different, I know about weaponized instruments. But what other differences are there?)
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Are you aiming this at any particular group or ideology?
It's for the group listed on the right.
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